David Cameron speaks up for Fine Gael/Labour plan ahead of Irish poll

British Prime Minister David Cameron has apparently backed the Fine Gael/Labour plan for recovery in Ireland.
In a press conference in Downing Street, the Tory leader said Enda Kenny’s coalition vision for the country appeared to be working.


The Taoiseach had been outlining plans to “make work pay” and keep the economic recovery afloat under a stable, continued government.
Asked if he had any advice for Mr Kenny in securing an outright majority in the imminent general election, Mr Cameron said: “I wouldn’t give advice, but that last part sounded to me like a long-term economic plan that is working for people in the Republic.”
The Conservative leader added: “We work very closely together, but the Irish elections are a matter for the Irish electorate.
“All I know is we work closely together and we’re looking forward to doing that in the months and years to come.”
Mr Kenny said a strong and stable government was needed that bridged the progress of the last five years to where the coutry wanted to be in the next five years.
“I would say to people, when they reflect, when the election is actually called and they start to deal with the issues here, we know where we can be and our plan is to set out opportunities for further employment, to make work pay and to keep the recovery moving, now that it’s heading in the right direction,” he said.
“The first opportunity for people to reflect on that will be when they go to the ballot boxes and if they want a strong stable and coherent government, they can vote for the candidates of the Fine Gael party and the Labour Party.”