Campaign against drivers at speeding blackspot

A crackdown has been launched at one of the country’s speeding blackspots after detection vans clocked cars over the limit at a rate of nearly one a minute.
After a number of complaints, a Garda speed van was set up at Loughlinstown roundabout in south Dublin earlier this month.


The junction joins the M11 to the N11, where the speed limit drops dramatically from 80 kph to 50 kph.
Over the course of five and half hours over two days, 242 cars were clocked speeding at the roundabout.
Gardai said 36 motorists were caught doing over 100 kph and three were speeding in excess of 120 kph as they approached the roundabout.
Fixed charge notices were issued to all those detected.
Gardai said they are putting speed vans back on the roundabout to monitor the traffic.
“We urge drivers to slow down, drive safely and avoid the fixed charge penalty notice,” a Garda spokesman said.