'Better off than they were' Irish more likely to take foreign holidays

People in Ireland with more free time plan to take more foreign holidays, a survey suggested.
Nearly one in three will take more overseas breaks now than five years ago, an AA Travel Insurance poll said.


AA director Conor Faughnan said: “There’s a general feeling that people appear to be better off than they were in 2011.”
The AA Travel Insurance survey asked why travellers are planning to take more holidays, with most (42%) attributing jet-set lifestyles to more “free time”.
A further 34% said they now have more disposable income than five years ago, while over one in four believed it was cheaper to jet abroad than stay in Ireland.
The AA surveyed more than 5,700 people.
Mr Faughnan, director of consumer affairs, added: ” The research finds that more pressure at the office is also a big factor in taking to the skies, with almost one in four saying they need a regular escape from work.
“It’s good news for Irish tourism bosses though, as just 7% are of the belief that Ireland has lost its spark as a holiday destination.”