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Michael Collins quotes

Michael Collins was one of Ireland’s greatest revolutionary leaders and remains one of the country’s most revered iconic figures. He became devoted to Irish nationalism while still a boy on the family’s farm in Co Cork.

He first came to prominence in the1916 Easter Rising and went on to be a leading member of the delegation that negotiated the Anglo-Irish Treaty that led to the Irish Free State. The treaty excluded six counties in Ulster which wanted to remain as part of Britain.

Collins knew that the treaty he had signed would anger the hard liners in the nationalist movement who wanted all of Ireland to become independent. This led Collins to say that in signing the treaty he had “signed his own death warrant”.

Collins went to become Chairman of the Provisional Irish Government and Commander in Chief of the National Army. He was ambushed and shot dead by opponents of the Treaty during the Irish Civil War in 1922.

Of all Ireland’s independence fighters, Collins is the one who is most remembered, respected and loved.

One day he'll be a great man. He'll do great work for Ireland. Michael Collins' father speaking about his son. Image Copyright - Ireland Calling

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He comes from a brainy Cork family.
File the British had on Collins, that he found himself at Dublin Castle.

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Speaking of his fellow leaders in the Easter Rising;
Michael Collins quote. I would have followed Connolly to hell had such action been necessary. But I honestly doubt I would have followed Pearse. Image copyright Ireland Calling

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An extract from Margery Forester’s book – “Michael Collins: The Lost Leader”
“A sturdy, fair little boy, he took after his father in looks. Later, his hair would take the dark brown, almost black in some lights, sheen that predominates in the south of Ireland: the colour of the reed beds when the wind bends them. His eyes were grey with hazel flecks in them. The squarely-set jaw gave promise that later its owner might prove a very determined young man indeed. He laughed most of the time, flew into rages and out of them again as suddenly. If he thought anyone else had been hurt he wept bitterly.

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Michael Collins quote. Give us back our country, to live, to grow in, to love. Image copyright Ireland Calling

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Collins commenting on Lloyd George, the British Prime Minister.
Michael Collins quote. Lloyd George I find to be particularly obnoxious. He is all comradely, all craft and wiliness, all arm around the shoulder. Not long ago he would have had me joyfully at the rope end. Image copyright Ireland Calling.

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I knew I was alone in a way that no earthling has ever been before.  After signing the Anglo-Irish Treaty.
Michael Collins quote on signing the Treaty In my opinion... Image Ireland Calling

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When Collins was sent to Downing Street for the negotiations of the Treaty, he said;
Michael Collins quote. To me the task is a loathsome one. I go in the spirit of a soldier who acts against his best judgement at the orders of his superior. Image copyright Ireland Calling

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Yerra, they’ll never shoot me in my own county.
Before leaving for Beal Na mBlath where Collins was ambushed and assassinated.

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Michael Collins quote. That valiant effort and the martyrdoms that followed 1916 finally awoke the sleeping spirit of Ireland. Image copyright Ireland Calling

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