Marcus Howard Easter Rising series

Marcus Howard. Easter Rising relatives. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Marcus Howard is an Irish film maker who has created a special series of videos in which he interviews relatives of people who participated in the 1916 Easter Rising.
Here Marcus introduces some of the films he has produced for the series ahead of the 2016 Easter Rising centenary.Marcus Howard. Easter Rising relatives. Image copyright Ireland Calling

The O’Rahilly

Directed and edited by Marcus Howard, independent film maker.
Proinsias O’Rathaille is the grandson of The O’Rahilly who was shot in Moore Street and the son of Bridie Clyne, who was in Cumann Na mBan. He is attached to the Save Moore Street Campaign, Concerned Relatives of the Signatories to the 1916 Proclamation and the 1916 Relatives Centenary Initiative Group.

John “Blimey” O’Connor

John “Blimey” O’Connor was involved in telling the world through radio broadcasts about the 1916 Easter Rising as it actually took place. The story is told by his daughter Cáit Mhic Ionnraic who has 2 connections to the Rising, her father and father in-law. Her father travelled from London to serve in The Kimmage Garrison and played a very active role in 1916. Cáit also reads from his memoirs about his experiences in the GPO, getting the transmission out, and the last stand at Moore Street. His story weaves in and out among Joseph Plunkett, Tom Clarke, Michael Collins, The O’Rahilly, Sean Mac Dermott and many others. Cáit Mhic Ionnraic also gives her thoughts on the preservation of Moore Street.

Molly O’Reilly

Constance and Clare Cowley recount the story of their relative Molly O’Reilly, who hoisted the flag at Liberty Hall before the 1916 Easter Rising at the request of James Connolly. Molly was also involved in spying for Michael Collins after 1916 as well as being one of the first female hunger strikers in 1923. Constance and Clare also give their thoughts on how 2016, the 100th anniversary of the Rising, should be commemorated. At the Easter 2015 celebrations, Constance Cowley was present at the hoisting of the flag outside Liberty Hall organised by the Dublin North Inner City Folklore Project. This event was filmed by her daughter Clare and Marcus.

Michael Mallin

Michael Mallin was a Commandant in the Easter Rising of 1916 and this story is told by his son Father Joseph Mallin who is 101 years old. This video is a fascinating recollection of living history from a thoughtful independent minded man. Michael Mallin held the Royal College of Surgeons with the Irish Citizen Army until ordered to surrender on Sunday 30 April 1916. He was executed on the 8th May 1916 leaving behind a young wife and family. Father Joseph Mallin is the last surviving child of those executed in the Rising.
Special thanks to Noreen Byrne, Una O’Callanain, Dr Qi Zhang Dublin City University and to Dave Kilmartin who helped to make this video happen.
Special thanks to Fion Yan, Joe Wong, Fr Sean Coughlan SJ, (in Hong Kong).

The fight to protect Moore Street

Speeches from the great grandson of James Connolly (Jim Connolly Heron) and the grandson of The O’Rahilly (Proinsias O’Rathaille) who are helping to fight protect Moore Street’s past for future generations. There is also a powerful reenactment of The O’Rahilly charge by the Cabra Historical Society. A rousing version of “A Nation Once Again” is provided by Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfe Tones at Moore Street.

Fascinating Interview with ‘Dublin Rising 1916’ author Joe Connell

Interview with Joe Connell on his fascinating new book Dublin Rising 1916. Joe is asked about and gives his thoughts on the strategic tactics of the Rising, how women were treated unequally to men, the often unheard of yet intriguing stories about Margaret Skinnider, Grace Gifford, Molly O’Reilly, The Dublin Castle spy and Michael Collins. This video also features the granddaughter of Molly O’ Reilly, Clare Cowley, who also helped produce this video.

Dublin Rising 1916 video walking tour

The Irish Times are currently doing features on Joseph EA Connell’s amazing book Dublin Rising 1916. I happened to film his book launch in Cleary’s a few weeks ago as well as interview him. This new video is a walking tour which would be quite interesting for tourist’s who wish to explore the places and people of 1916. Joseph EA Connell takes you on a tour around some of the buildings of 1916 located in Dublin 1. This video features Padraig Pearse, Molly O’Reilly and Tom Clarke. The journey takes you by Wynn’s hotel on Abbey Street, Pearse Street, Liberty Hall, Connolly Station and Amiens Street.You will never look at these places in the same way again. #ireland2016
His book is published by Wordwell books and distributed by Gill and MacMillan in Ireland.

Elizabeth O’Farrell

The remarkable story of Elizabeth O’Farrell is recounted by her great grand-niece Donna Cooney. This video tells of her journey to Moore Street, the surrender with Pearse and delivering the surrender to de Valera at Boland’s Mill. Elizabeth O’Farrell was an Irish nurse and member of Cumann na mBan. Filmed and edited by Marcus Howard and Jean O’Donnell.

Interview with Easter Rising experts Darren Molyneux and Darren Kelly

An exciting interview with the authors of When The Clock Struck in 1916: Close Quarter Combat in the Easter Rising. Darren Molyneux and Darren Kelly discuss how they told the tale of the different garrisons, how the British based their strategy like a chess game, the tale of Mount Street and what it looks like today, their own relatives and what they hope to achieve with the book. The book focuses on what real combat was like on the ground for both the Irish and the British. Jim Connolly Heron, the great grandson of James Connolly has helped to launch the book and also features in this video. Music by “The Invincibles”.

Why Moore Street needs to be saved

A 15 minute selection of interviews with relatives and concerned people about why Moore Street needs to be saved. Moore Street was the last stand for the Volunteers who escaped from the burning GPO. Yet Moore Street is at risk of being sold to the highest bidder under Nama and is at risk of having the terrace demolished for yet another shopping centre. Many interviewed highlight how this generation does not have the right to throw this history away for future generations. The Save Moore Street From Demolition campaign have been out for over 42 weeks collecting over 10,000 signatures every Saturday to prevent it’s demolition. Interviews with 1916 relatives of John Stokes, James Connolly, The O’Rahilly, Ned Lyons, Mick Lyons, Martin Kelly, John Halpin, Willie Halpin, Elizabeth O’Farrell, Thomas MacDonagh, Harry Boland and from many concerned citizens.

Captain Joseph Byrne

The Easter Rising story of Captain Joseph Byrne is told by his granddaughter Noreen Byrne. A former British soldier, he joined the Irish Citizen Army. He was involved in various socialist groupings and was a good friend if James Larkin. He was involved around the College of Surgeons. He escaped after the 1916 Easter Rising to Glasgow where he changed his name and began to work again on the docks. He is one of the four members of the Irish Citizen Army photographed on top of the rooftop on Liberty Hall. Filmed by Marcus Howard and Jean O’Donnell.

Love story between Easter Rising rebels Tom Byrne and Lucy Agnes Smyth

A truly remarkable story about a love that survived through the 1916 Rising between Tom Byrne and Lucy Agnes Smyth. Maeve O’Leary, the granddaughter of Lucy Agnes Smyth takes us on the perilous escape route to Jervis Street from the burning GPO. While filming this we were also accompanied by Donna Cooney, the great grand niece of Elizabeth O’Farrell, who also had a difficult escape to Moore Street. Interesting comparisons are also made by both women between what has happened to Jervis Street and how Moore Street is also currently in danger. The extraordinary role of women is also highlighted during this turbulent period. Filmed by Marcus Howard and Jean O’Donnell.

The battle at Mount Street step by step

The battle at Mount Street is seen as one of the bloodiest battles of the 1916 Easter Rising. Historians and authors Derek Molyneux and Darren Kelly take you through the battle step by step. Heroism and chivalry was displayed by both the Sherwood Foresters and the Irish Volunteers in this epic, bloody battle. Nearly half of the entire 1916 British casualties in the Easter Rising happened in the Mount Street area. This is the story of 13 men versus 1,600 British troops.

Battle of Mount Street Bridge – part two

Part two of the battle of Mount Street Bridge. This is the story of 13 men of the Irish Volunteers versus 1,600 British troops. Authors of When The Clock Struck In 1916, Derek Molyneux and Darren Kelly take you through the final stages of the bloodiest battle of 1916 from the Irish Volunteers and Sherwood Foresters side.Nearly half of the entire 1916 British casualties in the Easter Rising happened in the Mount Street area.

Easter Rising Stories is an independent series of films by Marcus Howard, an independent film maker. The videos are not for profit but rather for educational means. The aim of the series is to try to capture the recollections of relatives of the Easter Rising of 1916 as well as to document events and stories relating to the Easter Rising. If you are interested in getting in touch please contact:
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