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Lynn Brown is often inspired to write poetry by seeing a beautiful photo or a stunning scene. As she says,”It is poetry ‘of the moment.”

Lynn Brown was inspired to write this poem Mist on the Antrim Hills for Patrick McNulty photo
Mist on the Antrim Hills (photo Patrick McNulty)

Mist on the Antrim Hills

A thinly, veiled mist covered the mountain’s face,
A cool feeling of stillness, came too,
And found a peaceful, resting place,
Among God’s most glorious pew.

Ogham, the mysterious language of the trees The Origins of the Ogham alphabet are still a mystery for many historians, but it is primarily thought to be an early form of the Irish written Language. Bealtaine Fire

It waited there, a blissful view,
For God to speak its name,
It lingered in the mountain’s blue,
And God could find no blame.

Shamrocks. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Beautiful Ireland (Photo Chris Shannon)
Beautiful Ireland (Photo Chris Shannon)

Lynn wrote this poem having seen this photo from Chris Shannon.

Rolling hills of Ireland

Rolling hills of Ireland
Shall I climb the rolling hills, of Irish countysides,
Where as a child, I found a peace, that let the time slip by.

And shamrock green is blessed by God,
The finest green on Earth,
No other green for these fair hills, No other green by birth.

Wait for me, blessed hills, tho time shall pass us by,
I long to see your Irish face,
I long to say good-bye.

Shamrocks. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Another of Lynn’s poems inspired by the Irish landscape.

The fading daylight sinks below,
And gives the earth an ethereal glow,
Are images real or magic glades?
My senses trick, a false persuade.
The trees seem bent and in despair,
That light is fleeting~every-where!
The grass wears silk of solemn grey,
All green must die, till break of day.
* * *

And for St Patrick’s Day, Lynn has written a haiku.

Leprechaun King haiku. Image copyright Ireland Calling. Poem copyright Lynn Brown

The Leprechaun King

The Leprechaun King,
Laughs at the folly of men,
Tricks, turns, disappears!

Shamrocks. Image copyright Ireland Calling

Poetry copyright: Lynn Brown
Graphics copyright: Ireland Calling
Photos: as credited

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Cartoon illustration of shamrocks. Image copyright Ireland Calling

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