Your Last Day – beautifully emotional music video from Brian McGrane

Your Last Day – beautifully emotional music video from Brian McGrane

Irish musician Brian McGrane has produced an incredibly emotional and though-provoking music video about what people would say if it was their last day.

The song is a beautifully soft ballad with McGrane sitting at the piano and singing his heart out.

The video features people holding up cards that say what they would do if it was their last day.

Many of them involve sharing special moments with family and friends.

Brian was kind enough to share some background on the song with us.

He said: “I wrote the song ‘Your Last Day’ 12 months ago in the weeks following the death of a close relative. The song was finished in about two hours and the lyrics just seemed to flow out of me.

“At the time, I uploaded a live studio version on my Facebook and Instagram and it got a huge reaction, so I decided that I should record it properly and release it on Spotify, iTunes etc.”

“I knew I needed a heartfelt video and I debated long and hard on many ideas. I finally settled on the idea of getting people from all over the world to send me their story of their loved one and ‘what they would say or do’ with their loved one if they had one last day.

“I released the video and the reaction has been bizarre. I’ve received almost 100 messages from random people all over the world saying how much it has touched their soul.”

It is easy to understand the positive reaction Brian has received from the video. He admits he has been “humbled” by the reaction and said: “It has really made me realise the power of music and how it can connect people of all different cultures.”

Brian McGrane is a singer songwriter from Co Meath, and has been playing since he was just seven years old. He began writing his own music in his late teens and has toured Canada, America and Europe over the past few years.

Take a look at the brilliant song and music video Your Last Day below. Find out more about Brian McGrane and his upcoming projects by visiting his Facebook page. You can also download Your Last Day by visiting Brian McGrane’s Spotify page.

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