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Young singer wows talent judges with performance of Danny Boy

As St Patrick’s Day draws ever closer many of us get into the mood by listening to our favourite Irish songs.

We might listen to our favourite Irish bands such as the Dubliners, the Pogues or Celtic Thunder. But the great old songs are never far away from everyday popular culture, which reminds us of a memorable performance on Britain’s Got Talent from 2010.

A young soprano from Manchester gave a stunning rendition of the famous Irish song Danny Boy on Britain’s Got Talent.
Young soprano Liam McNally sings Danny Boy on Britain's Got Talent
Liam McNally, who was just 14 years old at the time of his initial audition, wowed the audience and the judges with his stirring performance of the classic song.

He received a standing ovations from the crowd in the theatre.

Even the famously nasty judge Simon Cowell was blown away. Cowell who is never one to mince his words said: “I wouldn’t call you a good singer…”

He left a dramatic pause that was filled by boos from the audience who couldn’t believe he hadn’t been impressed.

Cowell then finished off his thought: “… I would call you a fantastic singer.” He went on to praise Liam for his warmth and passion, comparing him favourably against other great singers who could often seem robotic.

Liam appeared on the talent show in 2010 and made it all the way to the final.

He is now a baritone and is studying at the Royal Northern College of Music.

Take a look at the video below

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  1. Sandra Pietrowicz -Ptaszek

    Absolutely Beautiful
    What is this young man doing now??

  2. this happens to be my very favorite song and Liam sang it beautifully…. what a voice he has for a young man..he will go somewhere with this voice… I hope he puts a cd out I would buy it for sure…

  3. Gerry. Armstrong

    Beautifull Voice.

  4. what a great singer. hope he goes far

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