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Cork boys the Young Offenders take a road trip to rival county Kerry

The final episode of the second series of The Young Offenders sees the lads leave their home territory of Cork and take a road trip to the rival county of Kerry.

Viewers have fell in love with the hapless duo of Connor and Jock as they negotiate through life on the mean streets of the rebel county.

Cork boys the Young Offenders take a road trip to rival county Kerry

Their numerous money-making schemes have provided plenty of laugh out loud moments for viewers, while the genuine nature of the boys has everybody rooting for them.

Fans of the show will be eager to see how they get on as the gang takes a road trip to Kerry so that Jock and his family of Conor and Conor’s mam can bond with the family of his pregnant girlfriend Siobhan.

It goes without saying that all does not go to plan.

The official synopsis of the episode from the BBC says: “The baby is due soon and Siobhan is upset with the nonstop arguing of both families, so Orla tries to come up with a solution. She suggests that everyone go away for a weekend break together to neighbouring Kerry and try to learn to get along for Siobhan and the baby’s sake, but no-one seems convinced this is a good idea.”

PJ Gallagher, who plays Siobhan’s dad and the school principal Barry told Joe.ie: “That episode should be the simplest episode – it’s the final time that the two families (Walsh and MacSweeney) come together, take a break, hang out, and get to know each other. It should be nice and peaceful. It definitely does not happen that way! There’s warfare, but where this warfare comes from, I’m not going to say. Ha, it’s definitely not friendly warfare!”

Alex Murphy, who plays Conor, added: “Cork is very much the two lads’ comfort zone, but we do go up the country too. It’s not like we’re going on some massive trip to Ibiza! But it’s good because you get to see the rivalry between different counties play out. The friendly rivalry!”

Here is a short clip from the episode.

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