Young Irish ‘Bodhrán boys’ are an Internet hit

Michael Kehoe

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15 Responses

  1. Jeanette P says:

    Awesome talent!! They’re great!!

  2. Peggy Cohen says:

    These 3 boys are really talented. Enjoyed their playing and dancing immensely!!

  3. Alison Coffey says:

    Amazing talent the three of them have!!!

  4. Viv brugmans Robinson says:

    Brilliant ..absouloutly loved them …..

  5. Roseanne Casey Collins says:

    Well for Openers My Husbands Grandma was from Sligo These Fella’s are Great Their rhythm was right on.Please help develop their talent .I would send this Video To The Ellen Show, (Ellen DeGeneres) in America and she can present them for her March St. Patricks day show.She takes many talents from the internet and helps them along.Good Luck you were Brilliant ,From a NY Girl whose parents Hale From Ireland.

  6. Marie caul says:

    Brilliant great to see such talent congratulations.

  7. PETE BERGER says:

    It is so nice to see these young men produce music that gets one up and moving. They are standing on the cusp of greatness and I for one cant wait!

  8. barbara kelly says:


  9. emily cotgrave says:

    Brilliant boys, nice to see that you are keeping up the old traditions, and you are so good at it too !!!!! Congratulations and well done to you all.

  10. deirdre OShea says:

    Wonderful…well done guys.. great to hear such talent….my mother is from Ballaghadreen….Im often there…never let your music die….beautiful…..

  11. Tom Collopy says:

    Wow!, What fabulous examples of Irish youth. That was very impressive, really proud of our people when we can produce talent of this calibre. Well done lads…

  12. Cathleen peyton says:

    They are fabulous. Michael Coleman would be proud to see the tradition kept alive. I come from Tubbercurry myself

  13. Bridgid Kinney says:

    As a musician and very poor former tap dancer, all I can say is WOW and I am so jealous! Good job, young men. Keep it up – it’s delightful to watch and impressive as all get out. Best wishes from this American Reilly/Kinney mix!

  14. Sandra Kennedy LaFerriere says:

    These kids are fantastic! I am sure we will see more of them. They are all from Sligo, right? I’m proud as punch of all of you!! Yes, I’m An Irish Yank.

  15. Lenore Walsh says:

    As an O’Neill [mother’s maiden name] and a Walsh [married name] from America, I was beyond delighted to see these extremely talented young men keeping the musical spirit that such an integral part of the Irish culture alive and well. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them. In America, we’d say, “Bravo!”

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