Irish X Factor hopefuls will put their studies to one side to pursue their dream

Irish X Factor hopefuls will put their studies to one side to pursue their dream

Our Irish hopes for the X Factor have said that even their studies will have to play second fiddle to their chance at stardom.
Sean and Conor Price stunned the judges with their own version of All Along the Watchtower and have given themselves a real chance of progressing through to the live finals.
Irish X Factor hopefuls will put their studies to one side to pursue their dream
If they do get that far, then it will have a detrimental effect on their schoolwork, with Sean, 17, set to take his Leaving Cert at the end of the year and Conor, 15, scheduled to take his Junior Cert.
However, the Wicklow brother have insisted their chance at success in the X Factor take priority.
Sean told the Irish Mirror: “It’s mad, we were like celebrities walking around school [Naas CBS] but we’re exam years so we still have our heads in the books.
“At the moment, obviously we’ve loads to do to get far in the competition so we’re just going with the flow.
“Right now The X Factor comes first but if we happen to come out the competition at an early stage then it’s back to the books.”
The pair have been the standout contestants so far in the show. Their audition has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube.
Sean said: “The response has been mental – it hasn’t slowed down.
“Our followers on social media are still climbing, our YouTube views are still climbing and we’re just riding the wave – it’s brilliant. We never thought we’d see the day.”
Conor added: “It’s a shock because you never really expect that response. You just go out and do what you do, everything you want to.
“Then you go to this massive audition and it changes everything, the way you’ve been living your life like that.”
Sean and Conor were nervous before facing the judges, but said their experience of busking on Dublin’s Grafton Street helped them.
Sean said: “The judges are obviously all massive names with a lot of power in the music industry.
“But they’re just four people and we’re well used to singing in front of people.
“We went in with that attitude, to just impress like they’re four normal people – that’s what they are I suppose.
“At the back of our minds we knew how big it was but we just had to forget about it for our performance.
“Busking on Grafton Street has really helped us to get to know our performing.
“We’ve had good days and bad days so we know what works and what doesn’t.”
The whole of Ireland is behind the boys and hope they can follow in the footsteps of Niall Horan, who also became a music megastar after appearing on the X Factor.
If you didn’t see Sean and Conor’s audition, here it is.

Written by Andrew Moore