World’s first Crisp Sandwich Café opens in Belfast

Ireland now boasts the world’s first Crisp Sandwich Café after a Belfast man decided to transform his traditional café into a crisp sandwich joint.

World’s first Crisp Sandwich Café opens in Belfast
Diner are invited to build their own crisp sandwich from a wide selection of crisp flavours and various types of bread.
The most popular crisps are expected to be Irish Taytos, but English rival Walkers will also be available.
The crisp sandwiches can be served as a meal itself, or with side orders of soup or chips.
Belfast man Andrew McMenamin decided to re-brand his Wee Café after reading an article about a crisp sandwich café on
He got in touch with the site and they decided to go ahead and create the sandwich café. McMenamin said: “When I read the article I immediately thought we could make that joke into a reality, and got in touch. The lads at The Ulster Fry thought it would be fun, so we’re re-branding the café under the name Simply Crispy.”
The café officially unveiled its new menu on Monday, and was met with an overwhelming response by the hungry Belfast public, with them being left sold out by 2pm.
McMenamin explained that the idea was inspired by the cereal café which was opened in London by two Belfast brothers last year.
He said: “Hopefully it [Simply Crispy] will rekindle a few childhood memories. It is a bit of fun, it is not to be taken too seriously.”