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Will Irishman’s appearance stop him winning the X Factor?

The latest series of the British X Factor is now well underway and as always the show is unearthing some fantastically talented singers from the British Isles and beyond.
One of the show’s most interesting contestants so far is 27-year-old Irish singer Joseph McCaul.Will Irishman’s appearance stop him winning the X Factor?
The Co Athlone man has impressed the judges with his voice but they have questioned whether he has the right look, personality and stage presence to become a star.
The ginger-haired, freckled, glasses wearing singer admitted himself: “I’m not your typical looking popstar, am I? Kind of like an uglier version of Ed Sheeran. But I think I’ve been given a talent, so I’m using it.”
Last weekend, Joseph McCaul progressed through to the next stage of the competition, the dreaded ‘Six Chairs’ in which judges pick and choose from the remaining contestants in their categories who gets a ‘seat’ on the plane for the ‘Judges Houses’ round.
McCaul is part of Simon Cowell’s group, the over-25s. Whether or not he can convince the music mogul he has what it takes to win the show remains to be seen.
He sang a powerful rendition of Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on Sunday, only for Cowell to pose the question: “Is there any way, like that movie The Fly, you can put that voice into another contestant?”
Fellow judge Nick Grimshaw was also unconvinced. He said: “I just don’t know who is going to be like a massive Joseph McCaul fan.”
On a more positive note Cowell did concede that: “Whether you’d like him or not, he can sing.”
Despites the negative comments, McCaul was put through to the next round.

Joseph McCaul sings Same Love

McCaul has a history of performing and was Ireland’s representative for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest along with his sister Donna. He undoubtedly has a great singing voice but the question remains whether or not he can win over the judges and also the British public and progress to the latter stages.
McCaul has certainly gained and army of supporters online, with many criticising the judges for judging him on his appearance rather than his singing ability.

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