Wild Atlantic Way in 13 minutes – great video

Wild Atlantic Way in 13 minutes - great video

Irish actor and teacher John D Ruddy has created a wonderful cartoon video describing the many sites he visited on a recent trip along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Ruddy is the creative force behind the brilliant series of YouTube videos which tell the stories of major historical events in a short and snappy way.

Wild Atlantic Way in 13 minutes - great video

He has explained what happened in World War One, the American War of Independence and also the History of Ireland in Six Minutes.

This time Ruddy strayed a little from his usual content of history.

Instead, he describes his trip along the Wild Atlantic Way and all the locations along the route, although he does include several references to the impact history has had on the sites.

The Wild Atlantic Way is a route along the west coast of Ireland and has become a hugely popular driving holiday for tourists from all around the world.

Ruddy, who is from Co Donegal, decided to take the adventure holiday himself and used his experiences to showcase the beauty of Ireland to the world.

He explains that the Wild Atlantic Way features countless attractions in little towns and villages.

Just some of the places he visited included the birthplace of Michael Collins, a site where scenes from Star Wars were filmed, a chocolate factory – FREE SAMPLES, dolphins, the location where Father Ted was filmed, the cottage of Patrick Pearse and Grace O’Malley’s castle.

Ruddy gives great detail about many of the locations, all in his simple and easy to understand commentary. Although he does move pretty fast so make sure you are listening closely.

Take a look at the fantastic video below.

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