Why we need an inquiry into the death of Michael Collins

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  1. Tommy says:

    There are many who believe that Ireland would have remained in the grasp of the UK if it were up to Collins??? He did want the war over and seemed willing to compromise. So many stories and so many different versions.

  2. Red o'Regan says:

    He deserved to die for signing away the North. If we hadn’t killed him, there’d still be a black mark against West Cork people. Think he would have signed Munster away?

  3. Colin o Neill says:

    The Brits where never going let Collins live after the carnage he lay on them and they had informers among Collins own who would have carried back the info that Collins would support the struggle to take the North through supply of arms etc.The doubt also is that he was shot by a sniper from above after breaking cover which any military person would not do while being covered by sniper fire from above.The others with Collins on the day are suspected of shooting him with a revolver as he took cover from fire If they have an inquiry and exhume his body the truth will be told by the ballistic test on the round that killed him from three feet away not from top of a hill with a 308 rifle which if had been the weapon his head would have been blown to bits and a revolver shot from top of a hill would never be accurate or lethal at distance.

  4. S M Sigerson says:

    I’d like to thank everyone who posted these very intelligent comments on this article. You’ve clearly done your homework on this vital history. Would love to hear your thoughts on the book “The Assassination of Michael Collins: What Happened at Beal na mBlath?” http://www.amazon.com/dp/1493784714

  5. Ann Gerety Smyth says:

    I think the answer is probably documented in British Intelligence documents.

  6. Pamela Harrison says:

    From all i have read on Michael Collins,I think dev had him shot, no secret he was jealous of Collins.reason why he sent him to England knowing full well Collins couldn’t bring back the 32county,used as a scape goat and no one in British army etc new what he looked like till dev sent him to England to sign treaty.Why did dev do when he was president??nothing did he get 32county No.i believe Collins would of achieved it in time ,shame he was shot truly for the Irish people.

  7. Fiona conroy says:

    De Valera was the instigatator behind Collins death. De Valera lacked personality and carisma. He sent Collins to the UK to sign the treaty which, if Collins hadn’t been excuted, would have lead to greater things. It was one stepping stone on the path by Collins towards greater things towards a free state Ireland. In my opinion deep down De Valera was jealous of Collins.He knew he’d never achieve anything so he sent Collins to the UK to sign that treaty. It was one of the sadest losses in the formation of our free state as Michael Collins was one of the greatest soldiers we ever had.

  8. Colm Kinsella says:

    Collins was killed by Emmet Dalton, Dalton was part of British Military Intelligence and so were a number of people in Collins escort, which for some strange reason he did not hand pick,the hat which Collins wore on the day has never been discovered, the one put on display was in fact Daltons hat, and why was his body brought to a British Military hospital? Dalton later rejoined the British Army, then went to America and returned to Ireland and formed Ardmore Film Studios in Bray Co. Wicklow

  9. damian power says:

    i strongly believe that Michael was executed,and i believe de velara was behind it in some shape or form, its strange that he achieved nothing as president of ireland, he should not of sent michael to england to do a job that was or should of been his but instead he sent a scapegoat, so Collins took the rap and made de valera the hero, Collins war was,nt over when he signed that document, it was a chance to give him time to achieve a united ireland, just the same as sinn fein did, changing tactics to achieve a united ireland, which we are still waiting for.i dont condelm sinn fein for that but i welcome it, but they should,nt lambast brave men such as collins, and i would be proud to defend his name

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