Who is Liam Neeson’s superbowl co star?

Liam Neeson - Superbowl advert is a big hit ... but who was Neeson’s co-star?

Liam Neeson took centre stage in one of America’s most watched advertising segments – the Superbowl half time show.

It was the second year running that the Irish movie legend has appeared in a Superbowl ad – and this time there was an extra twist.
The advert was done in the style of a Hollywood action thriller set at some point in the future.
Liam Neeson - Superbowl advert is a big hit ... but who was Neeson’s co-star?
It started with Neeson sat at the bar in a stylish and dimly lit venue. He began talking to a stranger also sat at the bar about a revolution that is coming.
His character was mysterious, confident and had all of Neeson’s trademark steely determination, making the young man at the bar both nervous and intrigued.
Neeson’s character said: “The future is staring back at us like a perfect picture on glass. This future must be protected.”
The young man is then sent into a futuristic sci-fi maze-like world made up of darkness, only lit up by high definition lines of light – with a tension-building soundtrack.
The ad was for technology company LG with Neeson saying: “LG Oled TV – the perfect picture on glass.”
The young man asked Neeson’s character who he was – unaware that it was his older self – come back from the future to ensure that the LG Oled TV was protected.
It was another fine performance from Neeson, following on from last year’s Clash of the Clans advert.
One aspect of the ad that only the most eagle eyed Neeson fans will have spotted is that his co-star is none other than his son Micheál.
Micheál Neeson is an up-and –coming actor and recently landed the role of an Irish hero once played by his father – Michael Collins in ‘The Rising: 1916’.
Liam said: “Being able to work with my son Micheál has been absolutely wonderful and quite unique. It’s also our first time acting together and it’s great to share the screen with him.”
Micheál said that working with his father was a ‘cool experience’.
He said: “It’s weird seeing him differently to him making me do the dishes or waking me up in the morning. In this I am supposed to possibly be him in the past and him as me in the future.”
Take a look at the video below.