What Women Say vs What They Really Mean

What Women Say vs What They Really Mean

How many men around the world have heard the phrase from their wife or girlfriend: “I’ll be ready in a minute.”
What does that normally mean to you?
What about when your other half tells you to: “Do whatever you want.”
What Women Say vs What They Really Mean
Is it really a good idea to then do whatever you want?
YouTube channel FACTS put these questions to Irish people in a comical video called ‘What Women Say vs What They Really Mean’.
The gender divide is not just an Irish one, and these discussions could have taken place in any country in the world, but it is still fun to hear what they have to say.
For example, one man interprets a woman telling him she will be ready in a minute to mean: “We’re not going out tonight!”
Another compares the phrase ‘Do whatever you want’ as something he would expect to hear from an Irish Mammy.
FACTS are not being sexist about this issue though, and they also welcome the input of Irish women on what they actually mean when they say something.
Generally they concede that many of the comments they make are quite misleading for the men in their life, but the general tone is that us gents should just ‘get it’.
One Irish woman in the video explains that if she says she doesn’t want to talk about it she will actually mean she does want to talk about it for at least an hour and I want you to not interrupt me!
Of course.
Take a look for yourself below.