What makes you proud to be Irish?

What makes people proud to be Irish?

What is it that makes people so proud to be Irish? It could be so many things; humour, generosity, strength in adversity, not to mention the beauty of the country itself.

It is a feeling that resonates not just with people born and raised in Ireland, but also their distant relatives all over the world who are proud of their Irish roots.
YouTube stars Facts have gone onto the streets of Ireland to ask the public what it is that stirs their Irish pride.
What makes people proud to be Irish?
There are a number of different reasons given. One man said: “We’re well known all over the world for our generosity.”
A young woman said: “We reach to all corners of the world and bring joy to it.”
Several other reasons were given under the theme of the Irish being ‘good craic’. One man said: “I challenged some Americans that I could drink them under the table… and I won a bet!”
One woman summed it up very nicely, saying: “I love the culture, I love the people, we’re so friendly. We’re the best little country in the world.”
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