What do Irish people lie about?

What the Irish lie about four times a day

Irish people have admitted to telling an average of four white lies per day, according to a survey by Four Star Pizza.

The Irish Mirror report that the lie most often told by men is that ‘there is nothing wrong’, with more than half of men saying that they have said that phrase when there clearly was a problem.

Women were most likely to lie about their weight, while their second most frequent lie was that they will ‘be ready in just a minute’.

What the Irish lie about four times a day

Both men and women are likely to lie about the number of sexual partners they have had with 40% of men lowering the number in order to avoid upsetting their partner. A quarter of women also admit to lowering the number.

Other common lies told by men included ‘I cleaned that last week,’ and ‘that was a virus, I don’t know how it ended up on my laptop’.

Women are often likely to tell lies such as ‘I’ve had that dress for ages,’ and ‘not tonight, I’m really tired’.

Both men and women say that the main reason they tell fibs is that they want to avoid hurting their partner’s feelings. However, many also admitted that they lie to get out of trouble!

While it may seem that the Irish are always telling fibs to their partners, they are actually more honest with their other halves than they are with their friends.

Here men are likely to tell the opposite lie and increase the number of sexual conquests they have had. They are also likely to exaggerate their sporting achievements.

Men will also claim to have read more ‘intellectual’ books than they have in reality and also claim to be better than they are at cooking.

Women will lie about how often they go to the gym and might bend the truth about their ‘vital measurements’.

Men are most likely to lie to strangers, while women are most likely to lie to either their parents or to strangers.

Ten per cent of people said they tell at least ten lies per day, while the average number of fibs was just four.

Four Star Pizza spokesman Brian Clarke said: “Most people are guilty of a few white lies here and there but at Four Star Pizza we’re all about rewarding the truth-tellers with pizza which is honestly delicious!

“We’re hoping to convert people’s confessions into rewards and dish out pizza to honest Dubliners.”

Fast food chain Four Star Pizza is now planning to conduct a confessional in which participants will be given pizza in exchange for revealing their juiciest secrets. This will take place between 12pm-4pm this Thursday on South King Street, Dublin.

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