What do Irish couples argue about?

What do Irish couples argue about?

The day after Valentine’s Day can be a sombre affair, after a day full of love and being spoilt by your partner, it can be a bit of a downer to get back the daily grind.
It is also likely that couples will go back to behaving in their usual way towards one another again, and that includes getting into arguments. But what is it that Irish couples get into fights about?

Jury’s Inn have conducted a survey of 1,000 people and found out what irritates Irish couples the most.
The most common source of friction are caused by finances and bills with 23% of couples admitting they can fall out about that.
The same number said they have rowed about the contributions, or lack of, made by their partners towards the chores around the house.
Taking each other for granted came a close third (22%) as a source of arguments.
Other common causes of rows included relatives and in-laws (18%), spending too much money (14%), nagging (13%), and how best to raise the children (11%).
Drinking too much (11%), snoring (9%) and what to watch on TV (5%) were the other causes of conflict revealed in the survey.
The underlying message from the results was that poor communications between couples was the key source of most arguments, with a common complaint of partners ‘not listening’ to each other.

Written by Andrew Moore