What are the sexiest accents in Ireland?

Sexiest accents in Ireland

The sexiest accents in Ireland have been revealed in a new survey of Irish people.

Of course, in other countries around the world, the ‘Irish’ accent regularly finishes high in the list of most attractive accents.

Sexiest accents in Ireland

In Ireland the public are able to break it down even further and have been asked what region has the sexiest accent.

The ‘Slice of Ireland survey’ asked readers of her.ie and joe.ie to rank the Irish counties in order of the sexiness of their accent.

It was good news for the people of Donegal, who finished top of the pile – as they usually do.

Donegal was followed by two of Ireland’s big cities, Dublin and Cork, who made up the top three.

It wasn’t such good news for the midland counties, with Carlow, Longford and Offaly being named as the three counties with the least sexy accents.

Top three counties with the sexiest accents
1 Donegal
2 Dublin
3 Cork

Bottom three counties in the ‘sexiest accents’ survey
1 Carlow
2 Longford
3 Offaly

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling