Well done Ireland for beating England at cricket

Congratulations to Ireland for beating at cricket.

Now I don’t pretend to know anything about cricket but I do know the Irish victory is of the biggest shocks the game has seen for many years.

This report from the Guardian newspaper captures the sense of disbelief in the cricketing world.

“This is utterly astonishing, one of the most amazing victories in any sport for years.

People are just charging round the Ireland dressing room in a circle, with no idea what to do.

“Some of the players hare onto the field, with the cameras picking up some big boys’ language.

“I’m not sure even those words can do this justice. Ireland were completely out of it at the halfway stage, but then Alex Cusack and particularly Kevin O’Brien decided to give it a lash, with astonishing consequences.

“O’Brien demolished the record for the fastest World Cup hundred, smashing his off only 50 balls; and then, at the finish, Ireland were ice cool.

“They played with stunning maturity when the pressure was on. Ireland have also set a new record for the highest World Cup chase. More importantly, they’ve beaten England. At cricket.

“England had a shocker, but this is not about them. It’s about one of the most charming and joyous wins we’ll ever see and a match we will never forget, at least not until we’re in the special home and the faculties have gone.”

I’d say that just about sums up the sense of shock reverberating around England at the moment.

An Irish victory over the English .., and at their own game too! Music to the ears of any Irishman I’m sure.