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Waterford’s postal service use their detective skills

Ireland’s determined postal service used their detective skills to deliver a letter to the correct destination even though the envelope didn’t contain the right address.
In fact, it hardly contained any address at all, other than getting the country of Ireland correct and narrowing the destination down to Waterford.

German resident Petra Kindler received her letter from back home from her friend Kai Flemming who had forgotten her exact address.
Letter finds its way to Waterford without any address thanks to postal service
Kai decided to try writing a flattering message on the envelope instead and then placed his trust in the good people of An Post.
Here is what Kai wrote:
Petra Kindler and Donal Moore,
Unfortunately I forgot the street name but it’s near a street named Cul de Sac,
The beautiful city of Waterford,
Well known for its kindly postmen,

The Irish postal service did themselves proud. It arrived in Dublin on 2 February and then at it’s correct destination five days later.
Petra was so impressed that she contacted the Ray D’Arcy Show on RTE’s Radio One. She wrote: “Have a look at the ‘address’ on the envelope our postman handed me this morning with a wider than usual grin…!”
Well done to the Waterford postmen and women.

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