Video tour – man builds ultimate Irish pub in basement of family home

Video tour - man builds ultimate Irish pub in basement of family home

Many men dream about having their own personal space in their lives, as an escape from the hassles of life, and a bit of peace from the wife and kids, a place to call his own.
Well one Ohio man has created the ultimate male sanctuary, something that will fill every man with both envy and admiration.
Welcome to Kennedy’s Irish Pub, situated in the basement of Jerald Kennedy’s family home.
Video tour - man builds ultimate Irish pub in basement of family home
The incredible hidden feature has just been awarded the ‘Man Cave of the Year’ award, and after taking a look inside it is clear why.
Access to Kennedy’s is open to patrons who open the secret door in the family home’s hallway. The secret door is of course a bookcase and opens when the ‘Wine’ book is moved. Nice touch!
A walk downstairs takes you from a loving family home to traditional Irish pub in just a few steps.
The bar is fully stocked with Jameson’s Whiskey, Magner’s Cider and Guinness. The walls are decorated with Claddagh Ring memorabilia from a former ‘actual’ Irish pub. The atmosphere is completed by the dim lighting and the sounds of Irish flutes and fiddles playing in the background. All complimented beautifully by watching the game on the full size plasma TV behind the bar.
This is the stuff of fantasy for most men, but Jerald Kennedy decided to make it his reality. When asked about his basement bar, he said: “I always dreamed about having an authentic Irish pub — not just some barstools and Budweiser. I’ve always had that fascination with the Irish heritage, and, being a talker like I am, the Irish pub is always a place for conversation, storytelling and camaraderie.”
Family man Jerald is more than happy to share his man cave with the two women in his life, wife Johanna and daughter Maddy. Maddy is in her element sitting at the bar with a glass of lemonade rested on the frost plate, which cools the moisture in the air to create a layer of frost to keep drinks cool.
Johanna said: “All I started seeing were little scratches on notebook paper between him and his contractor. You could tell something really good was going to happen.
“Jerry’s got an eye for layout. He just pieced it all together. I always told him, ‘All I ever hope is that it’s as great as you want it to be.’ And it far exceeded my expectations.”
Indeed Kennedy’s Irish Pub has exceeded the expectations of men and women around the world. Perhaps Jerald’s achievements can provide the inspiration for men everywhere to create their own little slice of paradise in their own homes!
Take a look inside the incredible Kennedy’s Irish Pub in the video tour below.