Video tour inside Dublin’s coolest new hotel

Take a look inside Dublin’s coolest new hotel.

Take a look inside Dublin’s coolest new hotel.
The Dean Hotel has teamed up with the Irish Times to produce a video tour from top to bottom of the cool new tourist spot, to show viewers what they can expect if they decide to stop in on their next trip to the capital.
In a twist away from the usual top hotel décor, the Dean is littered with funky skater, biker and DJ equipment, giving it an edgy, alternative feel.
That is not to say it is short in terms of luxury. The Dean boasts a rooftop restaurant from which diners can enjoy stunning 360° views of Dublin.
Guests also have the choice of what type of room and bed they would like to spend the night in, with Modpods and Punkbunks amongst the popular alternatives to the more standard double bed.
Aileen Galvin, of Press Up Entertainment Group who have worked on the hotel for the past eight months, said: “Who’s going to stay here? Well we don’t want to be pigeon-holed as a kind of hipster hotel, we’re not too cool for school, it’s a hotel for everyone. It’s just a little bit different so for people that want to have a hotel experience rather than a bed and four walls, that’s what we are going to offer.
“In-room pieces include vinyl players, loads of records, espresso machines, guitars, skateboards, bikes, it’s about having fun. It’s for young people, it’s for older people, it’s for people who get a bit of joy out of life and want to have a great Dublin experience of in a great hotel.”
Watch the video and take a look inside the Dean Hotel for yourself.