Video – kayakers surrounded by basking sharks off the Irish coast

Great video shows sharks swimming with daring kayakers off the Irish coast

At first glance this really isn’t for the faint hearted. A video shows a group of sharks swimming close to some kayakers off the Irish coast.

Thankfully they were basking sharks, which although are the second largest fish in the sea, are friendly and harmless.
That didn’t make the experience any less exhilarating for the kayakers involved who recoded the sharks and posted their video to YouTube.
Great video shows sharks swimming with daring kayakers off the Irish coast
The kayakers were members of the Foyle Paddlers club. They had gone out into the sea off the coast of Ireland’s most northern tip – near Malin Head, Co Donegal.
It wasn’t long before the shark fins started to approach them.
Sandra Fox was one of the kayakers in the video. She told UTV: “I think there was as many as seven of them in the water around us at one point. We spent about an hour in their presence – it was amazing.
“There were a few in the group who were quite nervous at first about getting too close. It was surreal, almost.
“There was a sense of awe that they would allow us into their space. They were very calm and almost playful.”
Thankfully the kayakers were aware that the sharks were not aggressive and the only chance of being in danger would have been if the animals had accidently capsized their boats due to their size.
One of the club members was brave enough to get out of his boat and join the sharks in the sea, but he was wise enough to keep a safe distance, according to UTV.
Take a look at the video below.
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