VIDEO – Dublin has more to offer than you might think

Dublin adventure video

A new promotional video has been launched that shows tourists everywhere that there is more than one side to Dublin.
The country’s capital is obviously steeped in history and many of the main attractions for visitors are the famous landmarks from events gone by.
However, visitdublin has created a short YouTube film that showcases the more action packed side of the city.
Dublin adventure video
The video is fittingly named ‘Dublin: Take a Deep Breath’. It shows off all the sporting and leisure activities that are on offer in the city, including mountain biking, kayaking and hiking.
Some of the shots were taken in the city centre, while many are from the outskirts where the natural countryside offers up great adventure trails for runners, climbers and cyclists.
The video itself represents the same message as it rapidly cuts from one action packed scene to another.
The Irish tourism industry has gone from strength to strength in recent years and 2015 is set to mark a further rise in the number of visitors to the country.
Dublin is one of the top destinations that tourists wish to explore when in Ireland. This video shows the city in a new light and proves there are many great activities to enjoy if visitors are willing to head off the beaten track.
There are some great shots in the film that show off the city’s beauty, from the stunning Samuel Beckett Bridge spanning the River Liffey, to the breath-taking landscapes on view from the top of the neighbouring hillsides and mountains.
Take a look at the video for yourself.

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