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Velocity – champion Irish dancers celebrate 100 of Irish pride

Two of the world’s best Irish dancers have celebrated the rich history of Ireland over the past hundred years with a stunning video.

A century on from the Easter Rising in Ireland, David Geaney and James Devine decided to pay tribute to their country with an incredible journey through time.

Velocity - champion Irish dancers celebrate 100 of Irish pride

Geaney is a five-time World Champion Irish dancer. His friend and colleague Devine is a three-time world champ, and also holds the official Guinness record for the fastest feet in the world – 38 taps a second.

The video is called Velocity. It was made last year, to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising. It takes an emotional look back at the rebellion, and also the feats that have been achieved since by Irish men and women.

David was kind enough to spare a few minutes to tell us about his inspiration to create the video.

“In 2015, we decided to come up with a concept for a video that would be part of the 1916 Centenary Celebrations. Instead of focusing solely on 1916, we decided to focus on how 1916 helped shape the following 100 years. We wanted to showcase how Ireland has been at the fore in political, social and sporting highlights throughout the last 100 years and continues to play a leading role in such movements.

“It took months of planning. I spent hours watching Reeling in the Years footage, listening to tracks which could capture the atmosphere of the video at each point and find appropriate visuals and permissions. We knew that people would feel patriotic throughout the celebrations and we really wanted to make people feel as proud to be Irish as we are.

“The reaction to the video was amazing. It received over 120,000 views in a matter of days and was described as ‘clever, creative and innovative and most definitely proud to be Irish’.

“The reaction was so amazing that we have now decided to make a full scale show ‘Velocity – Rising’ which we are delighted to announce will be debuting this year. We hope to confirm the venues and dates shortly on our Facebook page. We really can’t wait to showcase our pride of Ireland on the world stage!”

Take a look at the video below. It is truly inspiring.

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