Ukulele Tuesday gang pay tribute to David Bowie

Ukulele Tuesday David Bowie. Ukulele photo copyright Wemba CC3

Music enthusiasts at a Dublin pub have paid their own unique tribute to the late David Bowie with an all ukulele rendition of Space Oddity.
The performance took place at the Stag’s Head pub in Dublin, where musicians regularly meet up to jam together on ‘Ukulele Tuesday’.Ukulele Tuesday David Bowie. Ukulele photo copyright Wemba CC3
They have previously created a fantastic video of dozens of ukulele players performing The Talking Heads track Psycho Killers. That proved a big hit online racking up thousands of views.
The world was stunned on 10th January 2016 when it was announced that music legend David Bowie had tragically died of cancer. The team at the Stag’s Head decided they should honour him the only way they know how – with a mega ukulele tribute.
They had to rush to put the film together and admit the video quality is not as good as they would have liked. The comment posted with the video on Facebook reads:
“This week we gave Major Tom a send-off by doing six(ish) David Bowie songs. The video is mostly of a christmas light and the back of my head, but sure you get the idea.
“Dead or alive, we’re all just stardust.”

The YouTube description says: “Fairly low production values on this one as it was a last minute decision to record it for posterity more than anything.”
Although the Ukulele Tuesday gang rushed to put the video together, the sound quality is still pretty good, and of course it is well worth watching to hear their great ukulele and vocal harmonies.
Take a look for yourself below.