Irish daughters wind up their dads with hilarious tyre pressure prank

Irish daughters wind up their dads with hilarious tyre pressure prank

A new craze has swept across Ireland’s social media users as daughters are winding up their dads with a hilarious prank over putting air in their tyres.

As we all know, the bond between a father and his daughter is a very special one, as dads will do anything to protect and encourage their baby girls.

However, some young ladies in Ireland have decided to take advantage of their fathers’ caring nature in a new prank, which we must admit, is a pretty good one.

It basically involves the daughters phoning their dads and telling them that they have just visited a local garage and paid to have their car tyres filled with air.

The catch is that they claim to have been charged excessive amounts for the simple service, leading their fathers to believe they have been ripped off by the garage.

The prank is as simple as that, but the enraged reactions from the angry dads has both the daughters and their social media followers in stitches.

The dads clearly believe that their naïve daughters paid the extortionate rates to have their tyres filled with air, because they are too young and inexperienced to recognise the price was too hefty.

This plays into a generation divide between the young pranksters and their parents.

Nowadays, many drivers have little to no knowledge about the general upkeep and maintenance of their cars, because technology such as Google maps and YouTube have meant the information is readily available.

Before this technology was created, drivers had to know every aspect of their cars, so that they could carry out repairs and maintenance at home and keep costs down.

It meant that several drivers of a certain age know exactly what needs fixing on their car, and roughly how much it should cost.

With newer cars now far more reliable than ever before, most young drivers don’t have that same depth of knowledge on their vehicle and could be duped by a dishonest mechanic into overpaying for simple services, such as resetting the cars tyre pressure.
Two of the country’s most popular TikTok creators have jumped onboard and played the prank on their own poor dads.

TikTok user c_g12347372 recorded her dad’s angry reaction as she phoned him to explain ‘they charged me €56 but they said that’s the best price for the premium air’.

Her dad is audibly stunned by what he has just been told, and thinking he must be misunderstanding he asks his daughter for clarification saying: “You gave somebody €56 to put air in your tyre or did you get a new tyre?”

The sneaky daughter confirms that price was just to put air into the tyre, which triggers an expletive laden rant from her dad at both her for her stupidity and the garage for their dishonesty.

Just before the angry dad can get the name and number of the garage and turn his rage towards them, his daughter admits the whole thing is a windup, and all for good social media content.

It is probably just as well that the video ends there, before we can hear the poor dad’s reaction.

Fellow Irish TikTok star Eabha o Donoghue played the same trick on her dad who had an equally rageful reaction.

Instead of attacking his daughter for her own naivity, he demands to know which garage it was that duped his little girl, and is ready to phone them up and give them a piece of his mind.

However, thankfully that phonecall never needed to be made as Eabha breaks down in hysterics at her dad’s reaction and admits the whole thing is just a prank.

Whatever happened to daughters being nice to their daddys eh? Pups the lot of ‘em as my old dad would say!

It does make for a great laugh though, take a look at the hilarious videos below.


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