TV channel for Irish diaspora soon to be available across the world

Diaspora channel Irish TV soon to be available worldwide starting with the UK and the USA

An Irish TV channel will soon be to available view in countries across the world after signing a deal with Indian conglomerate Tata.
The channel – called Irish TV – was set up in 2014 to cater for the Irish diaspora. Viewers across the world will soon be able to watch Irish television on smart TVs and across devices running Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android system.
Viewers in Britain and America will be the first to experience Tata’s app when the live, high-definition service is launched in Ireland, the UK and the US on July 1.
Diaspora channel Irish TV soon to be available worldwide starting with the UK and the USA
Irish TV is the first station to fully partner with Tata’s Media Ecosystem service.
Irish TV chief executive Pierce O’Reilly said: “The technology will allow us to offer geo-targeted content and advertising solutions to clients in various markets worldwide and it will enable all content providers to deliver immediate content worldwide via Irish TV.
“This is great news for Irish businesses, content creators and Irish film producers that seek international exposure.
“For example, our expansion into the US gives Irish businesses an easy route to a targeted live service and offers on demand playback services.”
O’Reilly founded Irish TV just two years ago with business partner Mairead Ni Mhaoilchiarain. The channel is bankrolled by London multi-millionaire John Griffin and employs over 150 people.
It is already available to around 15 million people in Ireland and the UK via Sky TV.
Tata is one of the biggest conglomerates in India, employing over 600,000 people across its various companies.