Try Guys see if they can Irish dance

Try Guys learn Irish dancing - see how they got on

The Try Guys have turned their hand to Irish dancing to see if it as easy as the experts make it look.

The YouTube performers have attempted a vast array of activities in the past, from shooting guns to simulating labour pains, nude modelling to testing the legal alcohol limit.

Try Guys learn Irish dancing - see how they got on

The entertainers have amassed millions of views online, and now they want to see if they dance an Irish jig too.

Irish dancing has grown into a global phenomenon in the last twenty years, ever since Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley and co stole the show with their Riverdance performance during the interval of the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. Since then there have millions of youngsters around the world attending dance classes to try and emulate their idols.

The Try Guys are no different and agreed to put on an Irish dance performance for their co-workers, with only a short training session to get them up to speed.
They were instructed by a professional Irish dancer, and told where to hold their arms and taught a few of the basic steps.

It didn’t look too promising when they were struggling with even the most simple of moves, which are some of the first things “taught to four and five year olds”.

However, never ones to throw in the towel without a fight, the Try Guys pressed on and rehearsed their routine in preparation for the big show.

After sinking a couple of pints of Guinness to settle the nerves, they entered the stage in front of dozens of their eagerly anticipating co-workers.

Dressed up in their coloured waistcoats and black trousers, they certainly looked the part.

Take a look at their performance and see how they did.

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