Trump to pay Irish staff €50 for a 40-hour week

American billionaire Donald Trump has come under criticism for his plans to pay staff at his five star hotel and golf course just €50 pay for a 40-hour week.
Donald Trump. Photo Copyright - David Shankbone CC3
The business tycoon is funding a multi-million euro upgrade on the Co Clare course, which has been battered in recent years by extreme weather.
The resort is using the Irish government’s JobBridge scheme, which aims to reduce unemployment levels among young people in Ireland.
The vacancies have been posted on the FAS website, stating that employees will “gain practical experience as a member of the Stores team”. The advert also points out that “an allowance of €50 per week” would be paid to complement the applicant’s dole money.
Trump arrived in Ireland earlier this week at Shannon airport and was given the red carpet treatment by a welcome committee led by Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan, including a classical music performance by three women shivering in red gowns.
The welcome was described as ‘cringe worthy’ and ‘embarrassing’ by members of the Irish public, and the government were criticised for treating Trump like a royal dignitary.
Now, Trump has attracted that ill feeling in his direction, as his employment terms have been made public.
One Twitter user posted: “Brings a whole new meaning to The Apprentice.” Another angry tweet said: “So Donald Trump is creating jobs? Not really, he’s just using Ireland and paying workers €1 an hour.”