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Incredible harmonies from Irish a capella group

This Irish a capella group are making a name for themselves around the world for their fantastic harmonies and playful attitude.

Trinitones are a male vocal group of students from Trinity College in Dublin.

Incredible harmonies from Irish a capella group

They are capable of touching their audience with their soulful voices, and equally of entertaining with their jokey versions of pop hits.

Trinitones were formed in 2012 and have grown in reputation ever since. They have performed in countries all across the world including the UK, Hungary and Australia.

Trinitones member Neill Dunne said: “We were set up in 2012 by two music students in Trinity. They set it up with friends and it’s just grown.

“You stay in the group for your time in college, and then we get in new people. This is what really keeps the group fresh and allows us to improve.

“We aim to produce one music video each year, this is our 5th, and it is from our recent three week tour of Australia.

“Australia is the largest thing we’ve done with the group and it’s really a culmination of the efforts the groups from the last five years have put in. So it was an alumni tour… five of our previous members joined us for an 18 member strong tour of Australia.

“We’re looking to do an American tour in the summer of 2018 for our first American tour and bringing with us our first ever release. We’re aiming to record an album in early 2018 to assist with that.

“At the end of the day Trinitones is a group of 14 close friends who love to sing together.”

Take a look at their cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘I Shall Be Released’

Here is another video from Trinitones, this time a cover of R Kelly’s classic party tune Ignition.

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