Ireland welcomed more overseas visitors last year but they spent less money

Galway at night

More than 10 million people travelled from overseas to visit Ireland in 2019, which was a 1.8% increase on the previous year.

The Central Statistics Office released figures regarding visits to Ireland and found that although the number of visitors increased, their overall spend went down.

Tourists spent a huge €6.867 billion in Ireland throughout 2019, but that was actually 0.1% down on the total spend of 2018.

Galway at night

It is believed that this could be because there are fewer visitors travelling over from the UK because of the uncertainty over Brexit.

The statistics showed that each visitor stayed an average of 6.3 nights in Ireland, or a combined 70.4 million nights if you prefer. That figure is also down on the previous year.

It means that although more people visited Ireland from abroad in 2019, they generally stayed for a shorter time and spent less money while they were here than their counterparts in 2018.

Elsewhere, the study also found that it was the last quarter of the year that saw the largest rise in overseas visitors with a rise of 0.5% to 2.425 million.

Irish people travelling in the opposite direction, as in leaving the country to take their holidays abroad, also saw a 2.5% rise on the previous year.

Irish tourists travelling overseas spent an average of 6.5 nights on their holiday, almost identical to the average length of time we welcome our average visitor.

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