Belfast dad adds a whole new level of fun to the school run

Dad and kids rave together on school run

This is how to get yourself and your kids energised and ready for the day ahead!

A Belfast dad and his children share some quality time at the beginning of the day by raving to some trance tunes in their car before the school run.

Dad and kids rave together on school run

Trance Family, as they are known, have now created several videos which have gone viral online. Their Facebook page is described as “a page all about our love for music, life and each other. We make awesome videos to make people smile”.

They are certainly sticking to that as they have amassed hundreds of thousands of views of their videos.

What it basically involves is dad James and his children Tia, Kyra and Jaden sat in their car raving to trance music.

James is clearly a raver at heart and is teaching his kids the art of the shuffle, tecktonik dance moves (according to Google) as well as the epic slow-motion fight.

James spoke about the reaction the videos have received: “I’m getting lot of reaction from people from Mexico, Norway, Germany, Egypt – all messaging me privately. It’s just mental.”

Take a look at the Trance Family in action. The first video features James and Tia shocking out to Adagio For Strings. The next one is James, Tia and twins Kyra and Jaden raving to Astuni & Manuel le Saux – Rays Of Light. Enjoy.

Adagio for Strings

Posted by Trance family on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trance Family School run

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