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Trainer stunned by reaction to his comment about sex

Horse trainer Peter Casey admits he is overwhelmed by the reaction to comments he made live on Irish TV over the weekend.

Casey celebrated his horse, Flemenstar, winning at Leopardstown, by telling interviewer Tracey Piggott: “I’ll sleep tonight, I’ll have f**kin’ sex and everything!”

The comments went out live on RTE and instantly became an internet hit.

The next day he added to the furore and people’s amusement by confirming that he had been as good as his word and carried out his promise. When RTE presenter, John Murray asked if his celebrations had gone to plan, Casey replied: “Ya, oh ya. No problem. It was a good night.”

Casey says he’s amazed by the publicity his comments have created and he is relying on his grandson Sam to keep him informed of his progress on YouTube.

‘I know nothing about YouTube’

Casey joked: “I know nothing about it. The only tube I know is in a tractor and the only net I know is putting it in the back of the Kerry net. I know nothing about that, but I’m still able for the other thing.”

Peter’s wife, Junie Casey, watched the race at home but on another channel, so didn’t see her husband’s comments after the win.

She said: “Of course I was thrilled looking at the race. Next I started getting phone calls from people saying: God, you better be minding yourself tonight.”

After seeing the comments later she admitted she thought: “Jesus, what did he say that for?”

‘It lifted the country up’

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Casey said: “I said the wrong thing, didn’t I? When you win a Group 1 by 19 lengths, it’s unreal. If it was by two or three lengths, it wouldn’t be the same. It lifted the country up. Fellas looking at the racing would have fallen off their armchairs laughing.”

Mr and Mrs Casey will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary later this year and Peter revealed the secret to staying together for so long: “We might have a little, small row but we always have plenty of sex – I’m fine, I love it.”

The comments have been the talk of Irish racing this week and Casey has become a bit of a cult hero with more than 130,000 hits on YouTube.

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