Tough guy Liam Neeson challenged to TV arm wrestle

At this stage in Liam Neeson’s career we are all used to seeing him playing the tough guy in his hit movies.

But what about off-screen? How would he handle himself if another celebrity threw down a challenge?
Well we found out recently as American chat show host Jimmy Fallon told Neeson that he would be able to beat him in an arm wrestle.
Liam Neeson and Jimmy Fallon arm wrestle
Fallan was pretty confident too. He said: “I’ve been working out a lot lately… I’m pretty sure I could beat you!”
Neeson didn’t take too kindly to being challenged. In fact he appeared very angry and warned Fallon: “After I win I’m going to find 100 Jimmy Fallon look-alikes, put them in a room together and throw you the world’s creepiest surprise party!”
The two exchanged trash talk even while they were getting down to the ‘serious’ business of the all-important arm wrestle.
It was all in good fun and the Taken star showed once again what a good sport he is.
Take a look at the video to see who wins.