Irish Beef – Topless Farmers book on sale

Topless Irish Farmers book on sale

The topless Irish farmers are back, this time in a 75 page book which features photos of them cuddling up with their favourite animals.
The topless farmers have become a surprise hit in Ireland over the past seven years, with sales of their calendars showing steady increases year on year.Topless Irish Farmers book on sale
In fact, in 2015 the Topless Irish Farmers Calendar was the highest selling calendar in the country, ahead of international pop superstars One Direction.
Topless Irish Farmers book on sale
Now the creator of the calendars has decided to expand the farmer’s portfolio and produced a hardback book.
Fans of the hunks can enjoy scrolling through 75 pages of shots of them posing topless with their favourite animals around the farm.
Photos in the book include one of the topless farmers sat in the field knitting next to his flock of sheep.
Another enjoys racing around with no shirt on with his wheelbarrow full of ducklings. Other poses include playing the guitar with a pig and relaxing in bed with some rabbits.
Topless Irish Farmers book on sale
The book is sure to be a big hit, particularly with the ladies. Topless Farmers founder Ciara Ryan said: “It all started in November when I got an email from a literary agent based in New York. A friend of hers had a sister who was looking to date a farmer and [the agent] came across the calendar in the process of doing a bit of research for her.”
Topless Irish Farmers book on sale
The book will initially only be sold in the US, where the calendars have been a major success. One of the models, Kilkenny farmer Gareth Alcorn, said: “I still have trouble understanding why it’s so popular here. It’s great for Ireland, though, and if it helps boost our profile and bring a few Americans over, it’ll all be worth it.”
Alcorn revealed that he has no problems stripping off for the shoots, but would find it embarrassing if he was ever recognised on the street.
Topless Irish Farmers book on sale
The Topless Irish Farmers are supporters of agricultural charity Bóthar and will donate 10% of the proceeds from the book.
Bóthar provides poverty stricken families around the world the means to solve their problems by using livestock in development aid.
If you want to but the Topless Farmer Calendar then visit To find out more about Bóthar visit