Irish comedian admits he has never ‘got a grip’ on St Patrick’s Day

Tommy Tiernan

Irish chat king and comedy legend Tommy Tiernan has revealed that he has still “never got a grip” on St Patrick’s Day.

The comedian-turned-actor-turned-chat host was speaking to Marty Morrisey on RTE Radio One about the national celebration.

Tommy Tiernan

He said: “It’s such a strange festival, St Patrick’s Day, I still haven’t got a grip on it.

“I have a grip on Lent, but I still don’t fully understand St Patrick’s Day.

“It’s not like Christmas or Good Friday or the May Bank Holiday Weekend, where you understand the idea of it and the execution.

“I think for us the idea of St Paddy’s Day and the execution of it are two completely different things.

“The idea of it is that we’re celebrating the moment that Christianity came to the country and the execution is the way we cope with that.

“The way we cope with the news that Christ died for our sins on the cross and that a Welshman told us is by getting drunk.”

Tiernan is religious himself and suggested he had considered becoming a priest in the past.

He joked: “I’ve a sly eye on the priesthood Marty…It’d be fab. I’d love to hear confessions and I’d tell nobody! My lips would be sealed.”

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