Toddler walks 1 mile away from home at midnight

An Irish toddler climbed out of his cot in the middle of the night and went exploring while his parents were fast asleep in the other room.


However, he went beyond the confines of his own bedroom and even his house and was found by the Irish police (Gardaí) 1 mile from home.

The two-year-old opened the front door of his house in Limerick, turned on to Dublin Road and kept walking.
He was spotted at around 2.20 am by a passer-by who alerted Gardaí. Gardaí then took the boy into protective care and tried to find out where he lived.

When they found the open front door that the toddler had escaped from they were able to reunite him with his parents.

His parents had slept through the whole thing and were shocked when they heard what had happened.
A Gardai spokesman said: ““He was absolutely fine, thankfully, nothing untoward happened, and his mother was delighted and relieved to be reunited with him.”

He went on to praise the 21-year-old man who found the toddler and then helped the Gardai to search the nearby estates.

A neighbour commented: “That little boy is incredibly lucky. It’s amazing he managed to get out of the house like that, and it’s even more fortunate he wasn’t knocked down by a car or something.”

It would seem that the Irish sense of adventure has continued to the next generation.