Take the video tour of Titanic 2

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4 Responses

  1. Anne leung says:

    Love to experience this trip but can’t afford that mad price hope there will be a few compations might have a chance

  2. Jennifer Johnson says:

    This is a disaster waiting to happen. Why in the world would you want to risk being on this when the first one sunk? The Titanic 2 may have better equipment and more lifeboats but come on now. I’m sorry but I just don’t see the point in all of this.

  3. Brenda Moneypenny says:

    Looks fabulous and would be a real tourist attraction. I would be first in the queue !!

  4. Kathleen McCartney says:

    My young son is very interested in all things about the Titanic. We have bought books, Lego blocks, Christmas tree ornaments, obsession is probably s better word for his interest. He will ask me questions about Captian Edward. He stops in his tracks when he hears the theme song from the block buster movie. He want to one day build a devise that will bring the ship to the surface. I do not fully understand the level of his interest but admire his love and concern for all those who perished. I will hold off telling him a new Titanic is being built. He will want to set sail in this magnificent beauty. I should start saving now !!!!!

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