Three-year-old Irish boy stuns snooker fans with skills

Three-year-old Irish boy stuns snooker fans with skills

Move over Rory McIlroy, step down Brian O’Driscoll, clear the path Robbie Keane, Ireland has a new superstar on the way.
Adam Wynne! Remember the name because this young fellow could one day be standing at the top of his sport.
Three-year-old Irish boy stuns snooker fans with skills
The young Irishman is now 12 years old and is a promising junior snooker player.
However, it seems that Adam has shown a talent on the table since he was big enough to hold a cue.
A video has been uploaded on to YouTube of a 3 year old Adam playing on a full-size snooker table and pulling off all types of trick shots.
The little guy is not even tall enough to see over the top of the table, and has to stand on a box just to play his shots.
That doesn’t stop him though, as he clears the table again and again with ease.
It just shows, if you’re good enough, you’re old enough!

Now, nine years later, Adam is still at his happiest with his cue in his hand and is being tipped by many experts to have a bright future in the sport. It is possible he could be playing on the professional circuit in as little as four years.
Of course, last weekend saw 38-year-old Stuart Bingham becoming the third oldest winner ever of the World Snooker Championship, after defeating Shaun Murphy 18-15 in an epic final to claim the coveted prize.
Ireland has a history of producing great snooker players, with Hurricane Alex Higgins being one of the sport’s first real entertainers because of his attacking play.
Dennis Taylor won the hearts of all snooker fans forever when he won the most famous world title final of all in 1985, winning on the black ball in the deciding frame.
The Darling of Dublin Ken Doherty was Ireland’s most recent world champion, after he beat legendary Scotsman Stephen Hendry in 1997.
Perhaps another Irish name will be inscribed on the famous World Championship trophy in the not-too-distant future.