No one as Irish as Barack Obama says comedy song

There's no one as Irish as Barack Obama

Millions of people of Irish descent across the world will be celebrating St Patrick’ Day tomorrow. One of the people doing a tipsy Irish jig could be US President Barack Obama.

After centuries of emigration, there are several countries around the world that have a large population of Irish heritage.
Leaders of these countries often look to impress their voters by getting into the spirit of St Patrick’s Day – many are keen to let it be known if they have Irish roots themselves.
There's no one as Irish as Barack Obama
US President Barack Obama famously found that he had an Irish ancestor. Fulmoth Kearney of Moneygall, left his home and emigrated to New York during the Potato Famine in 1850.
His third great-grandson went on to become President of the USA. Obama has since visited his ancestor’s home town and sipped a pint of Guinness in the local pub.
It is a story that inspired a song by the Corrigan Brothers – There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama.
The video for the song is a tongue-in-cheek animated celebration of the President’s Irish roots. It even features Obama joining in with a troupe of Irish dancers and showing of some nifty footwork – flanked by some burly security guards who are also Irish dancing of course.
It has proved to be a hugely popular song as has been viewed over 1.3 million times on YouTube.
Take a look at the video below.

Check out the Corrigan Brother’s updated version of the song following the 2012 US elections