The most amazing way to drink a pint of Guinness you’ve ever seen

Thrill seeker drinks a pint of Guinness while on water jets

A daredevil Irishman has shown us how we have been drinking Guinness wrong our entire lives.

The video below starts with a barman at Flanagan’s Bar, Co. Tipperary, pouring a pint – so far so normal.

The pint is then given to a member of Flanagan’s lounge staff who takes it to a customer waiting outside the pub.

He goes into the beer garden, but keeps on walking until he reaches the lake, where he hands the beer to the customer.

Unlike the patrons in the beer garden, this customer is in no mood to relax isn’t even stood on the ground, instead he is hovering on the lake with the aid of a water jet pack.

He takes the pint and shoots off into the air as he takes a few action-packed sips.

He even managed to do a loop the loop. Although he was rightfully told off by somebody in the crowd: “That’s a waste of beer!”

After a short while he returned the empty glass to the barman – although we’re not sure how much he managed to drink.

Take a look at the video below.

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