The Irish name their 'most kissable' man and woman

The people of Ireland were asked which man and woman that they would most like to kiss, and unsurprisingly, they named a male Hollywood star and a former Miss Ireland winner as the most kissable Irish man and woman respectively.
Celebrities Irish would most like to kiss
The question arose after a Twitter campaign was launched to raise money for The Children’s Medical and Research Foundation (CMRF) of Our Lady’s Children Hospital in Crumlin, Dublin.
People were encouraged to take a picture of themselves kissing someone they love, and uploading it on to the social media site. They then nominated three more people to do the same to raise awareness further.
Michael Fassbender. Image Copyright - Georges Biard CC3
When the participants were asked to vote which Irish person they would most like to kiss, the answers were hardly big surprises.
Michael Fassbender was named the ‘most kissable Irish man’ and Rosanna Purcell the ‘most kissable Irish woman’.
Fassbender is one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood at the moment. He has previously starred in several box office hits including 300 and 12 Years a Slave. So not an unlikely heart-throb for Irish girls to dream about over their morning cup of Barry’s.
Rozanna Purcell. Picture taken from FacebookPicture from Facebook
The men showed a similar lack of imagination with their selection for the ‘most kissable Irish woman’. Rozanna Purcell was the beauty that Irish men would most like to land a smacker on. The Tipperary model was named Miss Universe Ireland in 2010, and has since appeared on numerous Irish television shows, as well as continuing her modelling career.
Those who take part in the #Kiss4Crumlin campaign are encouraged to text ‘KISS’ to 50300, which will automatically donate €2 to the CMRF.