The comforts of home the Irish miss most when abroad

Tayto crisps, Barry’s Tea and Denny’s sausage and bacon are the home comforts that are most missed by Irish people living abroad.

That is according to a survey carried out by Irish magazine Checkout. They questioned 500 Irish adults who are currently living overseas, or had been until recently returning.

The comforts of home the Irish miss most when abroad

The same foods came up again and again as the products the Irish miss most when away from home.

It seems the biggest sacrifice that Irish people have to make when leaving their homes is the traditional Irish breakfast. Barry’s Tea, Kerrygold butter and Denny’s sausages and bacon all ranked highly in the survey.


Popular snacks Tayto crisps and Cadbury’s chocolate were also amongst the most missed foods.

Three out of four people also thought that the quality of stout overseas was not up there with what you get at home.

Martha Fanning of Behaviour & Attitudes, who collaborated with Checkout Magazine to conduct the survey, said: “It is of no great surprise that the Irish abroad or returned emigrants show deep fondness for iconic Irish brands.

Away from home, we can struggle to retain our identity, and as such many chose to express or reinforce their sense of who they are through familiar brands.

“The depth of our fondness for the pot of tea, the fry and Tayto is very significant indeed. One disappointing finding is that this audience tend to feel fruit and vegetables are better quality abroad than at home. A wish for 2015 is that, given time, we can reverse this attitude!”

There are currently thousands of Irish people living and working abroad, particularly in Britain, America, Canada and Australia. The slump in the Irish economy forced many to leave their homes to find work, and some have not yet decided, or are not yet able, to return home.

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