Thai children learn English by singing traditional Irish songs

Thai Tims - Great video shows Thai children singing Irish classic ‘Galway Girl’ to help them learn English

A school in Thailand has uploaded a video that is sure to bring a smile to the face of any Irish music lovers.

Thai Tims are a class of children who learn to speak English by singing popular Celtic songs.

They also help children with Downs Syndrome receive a mainstream education in rural Thailand.

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Thai Tims - Great video shows Thai children singing Irish classic ‘Galway Girl’ to help them learn English

Their repertoire includes a range of Irish and Celtic songs as well as popular songs that have been given a Celtic theme – such as Puff the Celtic Dragon.

In this video the children are singing the classic Irish song Galway Girl. They seem to be really enjoying the song and sing loudly and enthusiastically with big smiles on their faces.

There were also plenty of hand gestures, dancing and movement to go with the song.

Some of the children are also taking part by providing the music for the class on their guitars. It is enough to put anybody in a great mood.

The video also includes the lyrics to Galway Girl at the bottom of the screen so you can easily join in if you don’t know the words.

Take a look at the video below.

For more information about Thai Tims check out their Facebook page.

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Here is one of everyone’s Christmas favourites, White Christmas.

The Thai Tims have also performed and uploaded videos of many other popular songs. Here is their rendition of the Australian anthem Waltzing Matilda.

Here is a wonderful medley of Celtic Football Club anthems perfomed by the Thai Tims during their visit to Glasgow in 2015.

Here they are singing Celtic’s signature song ‘I Just Can’t Get Enough’ with former Celtic manager Neil Lennon.