Parents urged to “know what their kids are up to” after terrifying cliff jump

Parents urged to “know what their kids are up to” after terrifying cliff jump

An Irish councillor has called on parents to know “what their kids are getting up to” after a video was released of teenagers risking death by jumping off an 80 foot cliff into the sea.

The frightening footage shows the teens laughing and joking on the very edge of the cliff before leaping into the water below.

Parents urged to “know what their kids are up to” after terrifying cliff jump

Local councillor Cillian Murphy posted on Twitter: “Was sent this video to highlight to parents in #Kilkee what their kids are getting up to.

“This is absolutely crazy, approx 80 feet high, one misstep and it’s a permanent life changing injury at best, a funeral at worst.”

The Co Clare councillor said he had to think long and hard about what action to take after he saw the video.

He said: “I was sent this video and thought long and hard as to whether we should post it, but we felt the merits in showing parents what their children are getting up to back at the cliffs outweighed any potential negatives.

“This is absolutely mental. Not only are they putting their own lives at risk, but if they get hurt or killed the rescue services will have to be deployed to rescue or recover them, putting other lives at risk also.

“And lastly, and not insignificantly, these young lads are 15 or 16. Their bodies are probably strong enough to cope with the stress from the impact with the water, but their behaviour could encourage younger kids, say of 10 or 11, whose bodies can’t cope, and who may not have the ability to climb out of the water after that impact.

“We would ask parents to warn their children of the risks of undertaking this activity at this location. And, to take on the responsibility of making sure they are not involved in it.

“It really is only a matter of time before someone slips or misjudges their jump and at this height and almost definitely result in, at best, a long-term life changing injury or at worst a fatality.

“The narrative will then become why didn’t “someone” do “something”. Well here is the something. It’s now down to the parents of these young people to take action.”

Written by Andrew Moore

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