Taytos celebrate their ‘Irishness’ by adding new crisp flavours to their selection

Bacon and cabbage flavour Tayto crisps

Ireland’s favourite crisps company has added some new flavours to their selection – and they have a particularly Irish theme.

Tayto took to twitter to announce they are introducing traditional Irish classics Bacon and Cabbage and Irish Beef Stew.

It isn’t the first time the company has branched out into more adventurous flavours – if only for limited edition specials.

Bacon and cabbage flavour Tayto crisps

In the past, Tayto have produced flavours such as Curry Chips, Spicebag and Hot Wings. They even introduced the short-lived chocolate bar flavoured crisps.

Bacon and Cabbage and Irish Beef Stew are now available in shops across the country and many stores have been posting pictures of the new packets to their customers.

However, their latest flavours have split opinion among the country’s crisp lovers.

One replied: “Is there anything anywhere as Irish as Tayto Bacon and Cabbage crisps?”

Another added: “Bacon and cabbage is my favourite dinner, would legit fly to Ireland for these.”

However, another person wasn’t so impressed, tweeting: “Disgusting, these are a hard pass from me.”

One thing for sure is that Taytos are certainly popular and leave a lasting impression on Irish people who have moved away – as well as people from overseas who are lucky enough to sample them

Popular American vlogger Josh Pray dedicated a video to his admiration for the ‘high food’ that is the Tayto sandwich.

Former Oasis star Liam Gallagher even went so far as to fly a box of Taytos home with him in his private jet after a ‘biblical’ show in Cork.

Meanwhile, Irish people living abroad have said that, aside from family and friends, one of things they miss most is Taytos crisps.